Sport is passion!

Running shoes drumming rhythmically on asphalt, the sound of a free wheel buzzing on an early morning bike ride. Your mind is clear, your heart races, you lose yourself in the movement. Those are the moments we have all experienced and those are the moments that connect all of us who love sports. Emotions are the anchors of sports marketing. It’s all about evoking emotions - especially when it comes to events! 


Bringing together sports brands, media, retailers and consumers in different fields: from product presentations to test events, trade shows as well as trainings. 

A perfect event requires specialized project management know-how. The EVENT FOR SPORT agency take care of entire projects from the conception over the organisation until the implementation of all incoming work steps. Taking over of sub-projects is also possible. For a sucessful event a precise planning and organisation form the beginning and during the running process is essential. 

The core competence of EVENT FOR SPORT bases on the management of great events in the international cycling industry.